Australian Fire Safety Legislation

Australian Legislation requires that Fire Safety guidelines are adhered to across the country. These regulations exist to ensure the best possible result in the case of an emergency. Businesses and owners can face severe fines for not sticking to them. Read more

Safety SuperStars – Who and What exactly are Fire Safety Officers

Fire Safety Officers are essential to the process of Fire Safety Compliance. They have a number of different roles, and have good overall knowledge of procedures and equipment, allowing them to give sound advice to building owners, managers and tenants. They have to meet very clear requirements before they can provide this advice. Read more

Emergency Procedures and Planning – What is it and why do we need it?

For many a Fire Safety Officer, planning for the unpredictable is second nature.

While it can be tough to tell when disaster might strike, it makes the process simple. If we don’t know when an emergency should occur, then procedures and plans must be put in place so that we are always ready to respond to an array of emergency situations. Read more