AS 3745:2010

This Standard outlines the minimum requirements for the establishment, validation and implementation of an emergency plan for a facility to provide for the safety of occupants of that facility and its visitors leading up to, and during an evacuation.It includes the following:(a) The formation, purpose, responsibility and training of the emergency planning committee.(b) Emergency identification.(c) The development of an emergency plan.(d) The development of emergency response procedures. (e) The establishment, authority and training of an emergency control organization.(f) The testing and validation of emergency response procedures.(g) Emergency related training.This Standard does not cover facility operational incidents, community disaster management, business continuity, security management or major environmental impacts beyond the facility.NOTES:1 Guidance on planning and response for fire and smoke emergencies is given in Appendix A.2 Guidance on planning and response for bomb threat is given in Appendix B.3 Guidance on planning and response for civil disorder and illegal occupancy is given in Appendix C.4 The information and guidance in Appendices A, B and C is not comprehensive enough to adequately plan for fire and smoke emergencies, bomb threat, and civil disorder and illegal occupancy.

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